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The World's First Open-Source Paint Drone

The ICARUS ONE is hardware and software that allows for the artists to use spray enamel with the reach and scale of a drone.  Conceived by artist KATSU, the device unlocks the potential of artistic expression through the use of drone technology.  Touch surfaces like never before.

The ICARUS ONE team is made up of artists and developers and KATSU's who love the marriage of technology and art.  We're a community working to push the boundaries of what is possible with painting drones.  

Build your own ICARUS ONE in the "YOURS" section.  

Submit your ideas and projects to and have them showcased on the "IDEAS" section.


ICARUS TEAM + KATSU + Becky + Dan + Maddy + Mike + Nick + F.A.T. + BTM + Kathy + JJ + Lindsay